Italian wedding photographer

Every detail, every moment from the first glance to the last farewell captured forever with elegance, style and grace.
My name is Lutsia, wedding photographer
My job is to tell stories, and those I like more are the ones who speak about joy and happiness
Because for me wedding day is not just a ceremony. I see it more as a celebration of love. That’s why my approach is to capturing a love story: yours.

I go crazy for



Bride’s parents

Groom’s friends

Lovely jokes

Funny unforeseen

Eggs and bacon for breakfast

I'm not a fan of


Classic old school portraits

Tawdry special effects on photos

Forced smiles

More than a wedding per day

Going home at evening before spouses


I don’t see myself just as a
wedding photographer
I like to be a








What is storytelling

It’s about telling the  whole story of your  best day throught  images that show  moments but also  feelings of your  memories. On your day, I‘ll be a  constant presence  from the very  beginning to the end,  never intrusive but  always ready to  capture those  unrepeatable  moments you will  share with your loved  ones for a lifetime

Getting ready

That lovely morning; when you wake up knowing that the day you waited for the whole life is finally arrived. It is such an emotional moment that always enlightens a smile on bride’s face. Usually I show up three hours before ceremony, I can meet you wherever; in the venue or a nearby hotel. Capturing those important moments like make up, hairstyle, friends and family but also every special details surroundings; the dress, shoes, rings and any other little thing that means a lot to you I like to reserve a mini session with the bride. Once your dress is on, hair and make up together with the joy and feelings of the moment shows a bride in all of her beauty. Sure, I spend time with the groom too; they just need 1/3 of the time a bride needs!

First look

The closer you get to the ceremony, the more you feel. At this time, you really miss each other. It’s already several hours that butterflies are fluttering, an this could be the perfect moment to calm your nerves and get some really sweet and incredibily intimate shots, away from your guests.

The ceremony

It’s happening. You’re going to promise love each other.  Those unforgettable moments of sights, speeches and rings are not the only one to capture: all the people you love is there for  you. Their emotions deserve to be part of your story.

The portrait session

Here arrive the handcrafting of candid portraits. This is the moment when we go outside and start shooting the very first photos as a married couple! I’ll just ask you to be yourself.

The Wedding Party

No more rules from now, just have fun with your guests.

I’ll care of every group shots with your friends and family members